We received hundreds of testimonials over the years. Given below is a small sample:

(1) Finally ! I can stop buying Phony Money Making Opportunities ! your information is Excellent ! you have Really out done yourself. I now have all the tools to succeed. I can’t wait to get started. Thank you. Gerard – Rhode Island

(2) It was a breath of fresh air to receive and to read “Unveiling The Secrets What Mail-Order…” I wish that I had received this information many years and dollars ago! I feel that this book will help to offset the many injustices that many mail-order companies have committed. I seek your assistance in getting set up to be a distributor for your company. Ronald – Pennsylvania

(3) I read your book, “Unveiling The Secret What Mail Order Companies Do Not Want You To Know” and I want to congratulate you for uncovering the secrets that has been locked out to people like myself. Prior to ordering your book, I have and up to the day before I got your invitation, I been sending for these suckers these so called money makers as you have exposed. As such, I have spent over $7,000 in trying to make it. From water filters to whatever you can think of. To this day, I am no more richer than the day I got involved in these scams. Tim – California

(4) I found the book very well written to understand. Thank you for the opportunity to educate. Thank you for your prompt service. I have sent my order in separately for the books and a copy of my distributor license. Ralph – California

(5) I feel that your Program is one that I would like to get into, so I am sending a money order to replace the post dated check that I sent you. If I may, I would like the check after cashing to be used for the Two Guide Books on the additional program, mentioned in the ‘Disclosure Statement. Carl – Ohio

(6) I’ve been involved with mail order for the last few years, but success has always eluded me thus far. Therefore when I see a program which has good potential such as yours, I am anxious to dive in. Justin – Florida

(7) I didn’t postdate my check. Heck I thought the letter was worth it. I am going for it. Billy – Florida

(8) I am the perfect person for your project. I have been looking for a home based business for some time. I have spent hundreds of dollars buying systems and programs and most of them are scams. Enclosed is a money order . Doug – Oregon

(9) I received your book. I found it very interesting and informative. I would like information and prices of the sale of books and the other offer made. John – New Mexico

(10) I bought your package and I loved your book. I would like to receive your marketing letter and be able to purchase your book to sell. I wish I had been able to find it last June when I started searching for a money making program to work on from home. Ellen – California

(11) I received and love your Worldwide Home Run for Your Home Business. Please send me 1 copy of Nationwide Home Run for Your Home Business guide. Many thanks. The info is excellent. I can not wait to get it. Thank you for your time. Please send as soon as possible. Colleen – Massachusetts

(12) I just received Nationwide Home Run for Your Home Business. I am excited. These books are exceptional as well as informative. Thank you so much. I am sure, I will be writing to you in the near future. Colleen – Massachusetts

(13) Thanks for the Secrets of Mail Order book. I have read it through and my experience through the years will confirm most of what is included. Although I would try to sell it for profit, principally my main feeling would be the good it would do to the people. Also, I do not intend to ask for a refund no matter what. The book was well worth it. Eugene – New York

(14) It’s 12 noon, do you know where your money is? I do, some scam artist is on the way to the bank with it! Scam artists, the mail is loaded with scams. These artists masquerade their real motives, their only plan is to separate you from your money by disguising all their flyers, magic money making systems to look like the real honest players. It is impossible to sort out the crooks and cheats from the good guys. Yes, I’ve taken the bait more than once, paid my dues, got a spoonful of disappointment with no gain and lots of pain. I really, really mean business, I have the time and will apply the can do energy into the projects that will profit me and you. Don – California

(15) This Program is very informative. Reading the book has not only informed me about the many scams I had wondered about but it also provided me with critical information for a successful sales campaign. The examples and scenarios give a realistic picture of cost and profit. I’m ready for success. Timothy – Texas

(16) After receiving and reading several pamphlets/books purporting to be the absolute answers to the mail order business I thought, oh well, they’re all the same, but then I received yours. It was simple, direct without all of the hyperbole that filled the others. Cory – California

(17) Your program is something I have been looking for. Enclosed is my order.

(a) Home Business and Mail Order The Talk of Our Times (b) The Stairwell of Seventeen Solid Steps to The Summit of Fortune. I am looking forward to getting started. Tom. – Wisconsin

(18) Awesome ! What an advantage for Peoples who will have this information early on or before their opportunity search. George – New York

(19) I appreciate your open free look at your information and respect your business like operation and honest fair play. Bob, Certified Financial Planner – California

(20) I have not completed reading and studying the book you sent and I received this morning, but what I have read sounds most informative and I am sure the rest will be even more so. Marjarie – Oklahoma

(22) Dear Mr. Kang I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the extra work you done for me. I really appreciate it. I have been reviewing my web site and am happy beyond words. I really didn’t realize the amount of know-how and labor went in to a site WOW!! I am certainly glad that you selected me as a “trial balloon” I don’t recall when I have learned so much and had such a good time doing it. E. R. – Washington

(23) It’s great to finally know the truth about the mail order Business. I’ve spent years and thousands of dollars on these bad programs. Now I have a solid understanding to use to build my business. James C. – Pennsylvania

(24) Dear Amrik, Thank you so very much for the book. Words can’t express how much it means to me to know that we yet have people in this world that care about others. It is so very rare and that’s why I can hardly believe its true. I must say with a sincere heart that you and your company are the greatest. If we had more people like you, it would truly make a difference in our Country and Nation. If I don’t succeed in this program it won’t be because of your company not helping me. It will be because I didn’t take advantage of the opportunity that was given me to prosper. I have not read the last book that you sent me but I know that it will help me to prosper with the information in it. The other books are just great and I am looking forward to the day when I can place a big order with you. I know with your spirit, you will continue to prosper in whatever you choose to do. With regards

Willie – Tennessee. Yes Amrik you may use my testimony, it is indeed an honor, for you to want to use my testimony.

(25) Dear Amrik Kang & Staff __ Thank you, for the True Secret of the Mail Order business. I am The person the Mailman avoids because I’m on every Mailing List and I receive a ton of junk Mail. Never the less I have Never learned the secrets you freely reveal in your easily read book. I have never gotten the thorough details you disclose.  I now see how you can make each Dollar ($$$) count, especially when well placed. Your openness and full disclosure make me feel you will open the business doors for me.—-Thank you again. J  Santillo.

(26) Dear Amrik Kang: Thank you for the opportunity to purchase your Book: Nationwide Road to Riches.  I treasure your Worldwide Ways to Wealth_ an excellent source for resources I would have no idea how to access on my own….the size is perfect as a handy guide; too.  I’ll especially use your chapter titled “Your Next Step” to get me on the road to using these special resources you shared with me from your worldwide experience and contacts. Please continue sharing your success strategies with me and I will gladly take the steps you so fully provide for me to succeed and reach my goals.  Sincerely,  J. Santillo–New Jersey


Note: Peoples Publishing House did not dictate the above testimonials but we did obtain each customer’s signed approval to publish them after they came in through casual letters written by our customers/readers. ______________________________________________________________________

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