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There are four ways to order products and services from us by using your check, credit card, PayPal account or AmazonPay. First you tell us what you need then we can send you an invoice by email and you can pay by clicking on the link in it. On the other hand, you can order items by clicking on Buy Now buttons on this page. If there is no Buy Now button, we can create one and post it on this page for you. Ordering 250 Complete Packages white folded and stuffed (WW). A Complete Packages: A complete mailing package/complete package consists of five things namely a cover-letter/sales-letter with an order form towards the end, a multilevel matrix sheet with your name on it, a #10 window envelope, a #9 regular return envelope, a lead i.e. a prospect’s name and address from a mailing list already printed on the cover letter.
4SS Offer Prices
Ordering 200 Complete packages ivory folded and stuffed.
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500 Complete packages (WW) free standard shipping for $125.00